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  • Zipper Repairs and Replacement.

  • Buckles, Snaps, and Grommet Repairs. 

  • Patches of all types.

  • Just ask and we can probably help you out.


Bring in your ideas. If we can't  pull it off, we can point you in the right direction.


Estimates for Repair

There is a shop minimum of $15

Zipper Replacement -

Jackets, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Daypacks, Backpacks

$30 and up. For example a jacket zipper replacement tends to be $50. It all depends on the items construction and the time required to complete the repair.

Slider Replacement -

$15 for jackets.

$20 for backpacks and sleeping bags.

$25 per door on tents.

Sewn Patches - $10 - $30 unless it's a huge repair


Buckle, Grommet, and Snap Replacement - $15 

Larger Projects fall under the $60/hr rate.

Other Services

Custom Services - 

We can talk about custom items. Please feel free to run your ideas by me. If I can't do it I can point you in the right direction. All custom orders will fall under the shop hourly rate of $60/hr.

Thank You!

10% Veterans Discount

Our Work

Giving Your Gear Another Life

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  ​San Juan Sewing, is a small outdoor gear repair/custom sewing operation located in Durango, Colorado. We have the skills and knowledge to have your favorite outdoor gear back in working order. Sometimes your gear just needs a little love. We hope to hear from you with questions or gear repair needs. We hope to create a new trend of re-use and repair. Thank You!!

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Meet the Team

Balancing Rocks


Address: 835 Main Ave

                Durango, CO 81301


(We are located just down the stairs from Pine Needle Mountaineering inside the Main Mall. Head to the parking garage and you will see us.)


Tel: 970-426-5178

Success! I will be in touch as soon as possible during our regular business hours to go over your gear repair needs. Thank You!

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday: 8:00am-2:30pm


Saturday  and Sunday: Closed


***If Durango District 9R schools are

closed I will most likely be working from

home. So please call before coming in on

those days. This doesn't pertain to the summer.*** 


After hours pickup can be done at Pine Needle Mountaineering when an item has previously been paid for. Please arrange with us to do that.

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